Sulina’s Beginnings

Greetings from

The Continent of Sulina

For it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

May the longtime sun shine upon you … All Love surround you,
And the pure light within you guide your way on.

Keep on shining… never forgetting how special you are…
and that you are allowed to Follow your dreams!

Welcome to “The Continent of Sulina” Swellendam’s special Sanctuary for Faeries, Angels and all Gentle Beings… dedicated to the protection and preservation of all the positive energies of true Love, Light and Magic.

“The Faerie-nuf Folk” invite you to become 5 years old again, tip-toeing through their natural enchanted forest garden… become “positively lost” among the magical world of mushroom rings and wishing wells, experiencing the childlike essence of true wonderment and joyful happiness. This tiny tranquil paradise is the home of creative potters and sculptors, Ian and Minky Sulin… It is shared with unconditional love, to inspire everyone who enters the Sanctuary to find the positive and magical energies snuggling within them all. Affirming that we are allowed to follow our dreams, to love ourselves and all we do to open ourselves to the adventure that life truly is.

“Sulina”, which was “born” on the 7th March 1991, a manifestation of a promise Minky made to her Angelic and Faerie friends as a young child, that one day she would create a home for all the Faeries, Angels and gentle human folk. As well as for all humans who needed “their doorways re-opened” so that they could re-connect with the natural world created for us to nurture, enjoy and find more time to play and create. Over the years her strength and faith in “making dreams come true” saw her “Sanctuary” growing into a wonderful reality and become a world-wide legend… A home too many a weary traveller and faerie lover.

Ian and Minky’s love for the earth and respect for its natural gardeners have created a self-sufficient garden that runs on its own eco-system in perfect harmony, filled with an abundance of wildlife not seen in many gardens anymore. Winding pathways leading to secret hideaways have you literally shrinking down to the size of a child, treading quietly and carefully, to witness the never ending activity taking place around each plant. The Sanctuary’s home gallery has become a loving collaboration and outlet for fellow artists, friends and family who discovered fulfilment in being creative.

Yes! Faeries are Real!

Angels are here to Love, guide and take care of us humans… Faeries are one of the many “Guardian Angels” of the Natural world. They are beings of Light… here only to share the positive energies of Love, Truth, Harmony and Peace.

From the beginning of Time we used to work closely with these precious ones, lovingly tending the land and celebrating its daily gifts together. Until the machine world took over and Faeries and Angels got pushed into storybooks with very few humans believing in them anymore… We chase them away with our negative thoughts… by destroying their natural homes and using poisonous chemicals in our homes and gardens… However… as our Angel and Faerie friends constantly remind us… it’s never too late to heal the Planet and ourselves!

They teach us to take life less seriously by staying connected to the childlike energy snuggling with in us all… They do this through the world of “Imagination”, a word too lightly used to dismiss the explainable, but a world filled with the reality of Magic and Miracles! Faeries inspire the plants to vibrate the energies of unconditional Love so that we may appreciate and respect our Creator and in turn be inspired to be a positive part of the creative process!

We are being asked to cleanse our thoughts, actions and emotions and together with the Angels and Faeries heal our bit of land… Therefore be part of the healing of our beloved Earth. In return we are showered with True Unconditional Love and the re-assurance that we are never alone, are allowed to let go of all our fears, be happy and follow our dreams… for our dreams are our soul’s wonderful purpose for being here!

Dearest Visitors

This year we are celebrating our precious

Sanctuary’s 31st Anniversay

We thank you all for your inspirational visits, loving support and appreciation in making “Sulina” your home to come and relax and play in!… We feel truly honoured to have been given this special place to take care of and share with you… we love you for travelling so far just to come be a child for a while and “adopt” one of our creations!

You are invited to return with a picnic and spend time playing in a home you can call your own… In return, you are inspired to rush home to play! May we continue to inspire and uplift one another as we all do our bit in the healing of our Beloved Mother Earth.

Keep on shining and having fun!
Faerie kisses and Angel blessings from us all in “Sulina”.

Minky Sulin