Enchanted Garden

Take a walk along

Winding paths

Relax underneath the trees listening to the birdsong

Tip-toe through the Fairies natural enchanted forest garden… become “positively lost” amongst the magical world of mushroom rings and wishing wells

Our Enchanted Garden is left for the Natural Caretakers to take care of, and the Humans just help with the heavy stuff, watering and composting! No poisons or chemicals are used here. As a result, the Garden runs on its own eco-system and everything lives here! It has truly become a tiny Magical Nature reserve!

This Magical Home and Garden is Loved by Children of all ages… many happy Fairy picnics and Birthdays are celebrated here! And many Healing Groups have stimulated inspirational and uplifting workshops for Children… and the Creation of these Safe Cyber Homes.

To protect our living creatures of all kind we are not pet friendly.

Most Of The Time Those Little Furballs Have Too Much Energy For Our Narrow Winding Paths