The Continent of Sulina

May the longtime Sun shine upon you… All love surround you,
and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Keep on shining… never forgetting how special you are…
and that you are allowed to Follow your dreams!

The Incredible String Band
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Our Enchanted Garden

Our Enchanted Garden is left for the Natural Caretakers to take care of, and the Humans just help with the heavy stuff, watering and composting! No poisons or chemicals are used here. As a result, the Garden runs on its own eco-system and everything lives here! It has truly become a tiny Magical Nature reserve!

Sulina Creators

Faerie-nuf Gallery

The “Faerie-nuf” home gallery is seen as an “Adoption Centre” for all the unique creations that come through Sulina’s creative family. It runs on Love and Trust and all visitors are left alone to enjoy the experience of being 5 years old again, and everyone shrinks down to enjoy the Magic that goes on in every little nook and cranny!

Sulina's Story

Sulina’s Story
1991 — 2022

Welcome to “The Continent of Sulina” Swellendam’s special Sanctuary for Faeries, Angels and all Gentle Beings… dedicated to the protection and preservation of all the positive energies of true Love, Light and Magic.

To protect our living creatures of all kind we are not pet friendly.

Most Of The Time Those Little Furballs Have Too Much Energy For Our Narrow Winding Paths