Sulina is not a “business” or “tourist attraction”

It is a Special Sanctuary, and home of Ian and Minky Sulin, lovingly shared, for the sole purpose to re-connect everyone who passes by to the Natural World, and make them aware of her loving Caretakers and Guardians!

We are here to uplift and inspire everyone who visits… and to show, that by letting go of all past bad/negative brainwashing that it IS possible to create Heaven on Earth and truly live Happily ever after!

We do not “Believe” in Angels or Faeries, we KNOW through experience!

The Continent of Sulina is a manifestation of a promise that Minky made to her Faerie and Angel friends when she was a young child… that one day, she would create a safe home for humans to meet with the Faeries and Angels… and where everyone could come for healing, inspiration and upliftment!

She also wanted to experience the truth of living in Harmony with the Earth… to grow her own food and become as self-sufficient as she could be… inspired by her grandfather’s delicious treats that came out of his Magical veggie patches.

This Sanctuary has been 28 years in the making attracting caring and loving visitors… each time a new visitor arrives, it feels like another long lost family member has found home!

Ian and Minky have truly learned the lessons of unconditional Love and Patience in the growing, and sharing of their Sanctuary! And they have been well rewarded by the Angels and Fae for their protection and preservation of all the energies of Love and Light!

And everyone who passes by, ends up returning with a picnic basket and staying a whole day in this healing Sanctuary they now call home.

A True Human Tale that ends “Happily Ever After”