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The Continent of Sulina

Love & Light

Minky Sulin wanted to spread the magic of the Faerie world to everyone, and to remind them how to be children again. For it’s never too late to have a happy childhood! The Continent of Sulina is a place where you come find yourself a new friend for yourself or a loved one! Our creations are Lovingly selected for you to spread Love, Peace and Happiness to all!

What are Fairies?
Have you ever wondered

What are Fairies?

How do you find the real faeries?
What do they look like?
What do they do?

Real Faeries hide very well in nature. They prefer to hide secretively among the plants and flowers, and bless you with their magic. They are shy and love living free in a beautiful garden where they look after all the plants and the animals.

They are afraid of being caught by the humans, so they prefer to stay invisible. Loud human noises tend to scare them into hiding, so keeping as quiet as possible will definitely help you! If you are lucky enough that a Faerie wants to show herself to you, then you will see that they look slightly see through, which is their secret to staying camouflaged and safe in nature.

You will find Faeries and their friends everywhere in nature.They are probably in your own garden at home, waiting to make friends with you!

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Our Enchanted Garden

Our Enchanted Garden is left for the Natural Caretakers to take care of, and the Humans just help with the heavy stuff, watering and composting! No poisons or chemicals are used here. As a result, the Garden runs on its own eco-system and everything lives here! It has truly become a tiny Magical Nature reserve!

Sulina Creators

Faerie-nuf Gallery

The “Faerie-nuf” home gallery is seen as an “Adoption Centre” for all the unique creations that come through Sulina’s creative family. It runs on Love and Trust and all visitors are left alone to enjoy the experience of being 5 years old again, and everyone shrinks down to enjoy the Magic that goes on in every little nook and cranny!

Sulina's Story

Sulina’s Story
1991 — 2022

Welcome to “The Continent of Sulina” Swellendam’s special Sanctuary for Faeries, Angels and all Gentle Beings… dedicated to the protection and preservation of all the positive energies of true Love, Light and Magic.

Our Sanctuary

Opening Times

Pack your picnic for the day

We look forward to welcoming you to our special sanctuary

Our amazing

Visitor Reviews

Thank you to all our faerie family and friends

Everyone who passes by, ends up returning with a picnic basket and staying a whole day in this healing Sanctuary they now call home.

Meet Sulina’s

Creative Humans

The Faeries love these guys!

The humans who look after the Faeries are incredibly fortunate to be part of such a special world. They are passionate people who bring so much good energy to Sulina!